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What is 'Unified Communications', anyway?

Taking away all the technological terms, Unified Communications, or UC, is the system that takes all the ways a business communicates and connects it all together through a streamlined, easy to use interface.

UC stands for Unified Communications (or you may have seen UCaaS for Unified Communications as a Service). 

A UC is a system that allows a business to use all its communication tools through a single application or service.

So, instead of having things like email, text messages, phone numbers, extensions (and a lot more) all be used separately, a UC will connect them all for seamless, quick, efficient communication.

Benefits of Unified Communications

Better Collaboration

Reduced Costs

Location Flexible


Who We Are

Since 2007, HugeUC has been leading the way as a Voice and Unified Communications provider.

Equipped with a potentially unhealthy obsession, HugeUC has been pushing the edge of what UC can do for businesses.

Never settling for “good enough”, HugeUC has cultivated a business-class phone service that stands apart from the pack with its unparalleled customer service, tested and proven quality, and a price-point that’s rarely matched.

After spending 14 years refining, honing, and optimizing our system, we were able to package it all in an easy to start and highly scalable Telecom Business in a Box.

Why Start Your Own Telecom Business?

Let’s do a breakdown on the best reasons to start your very own telecom business – even if you’ve never started your own business before or know nothing about UC in the first place!

No Overhead
Recurring Revenue
Easy to sell
Work from home
Set your own schedule

World-Class Training, Tools, & Support

Here at HugeUC, we know telecommunications.

When you decide to get your own telecom business in a box, you’ll also get world-class training from the pros themselves.

When we say you don’t need experience in telecommunications to start your own business, this is why.

You can use our expertise, network, and systems to start your business off with a healthy, solid foundation while leaving plenty of room for your own personal flair and unique branding, so you can stand out from day one.

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