5 Reasons New Entrepreneurs are Choosing UCaaS Market

Every year, entrepreneurs start new businesses in a massive variety of industries.

Some pick an industry that they know.

Some pick an industry they think is profitable.

Others may wait for the right inspiration, perhaps a sign, before they’re willing to pull the trigger.

Whatever group you fall in, you need the right motivation before you choose the industry for your new business opportunity.

And here are 5 motivating reasons to start a new business in the UCaaS Market

Healthy, Growing Market

Whenever you’re considering a new industry in which to start a business, you have to look at the market: past, present, and future.

It would be a poor start to your new business if your new market was currently at its peak and would only get smaller as the years go by.

It’s ideal that, as your business grows, the market for that industry also grows.

With UCaaS, you have a history of continued growth AND a future that’s predicted to be even more successful.

As per Fortune Business Insights, the UCaaS market size was $25.85 billion in 2020 and estimated totals for 2021 are over $28 billion for 2021.

But it gets better.

By 2028, they expect the UCaaS market to reach over $69 billion a year. That’s a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 13.4%.

Hard to find another industry with those kinds of numbers!

Zero Experience

Most people ready to start a new business will look to an industry that they know.

After all, if they are going to be successful, they need to have some kind of advantage over the competition… right?

You do need an advantage, but personal experience isn’t always the way to get that edge.

Many in the VoIP reselling business had no experience in UCaaS or telecommunications before starting their business.

Not every industry is so welcoming.

VoIP is becoming such an integral part of how businesses communicate. From small, solo-run businesses to big corporations, they all use VoIP.

And those businesses are all too happy to find a provider that makes acquiring, using, and maintaining such a vital piece of their business as pain-free as possible.

Some understanding of VoIP is important, but that can be easily gained by anyone that puts in a little bit of time.

And that’s what you do as a VoIP reseller. You make it easy and seamless for a business to get the phone system they want and need

Committed Reseller Programs

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of reseller programs for new entrepreneurs to try.

How can they pick the right one?

Not all programs are the same, and finding the right one can make a massive difference on your bottom line.

Find a reseller program that is committed to your success.

A reseller program that wants you to succeed will invest in you with all kinds of goodies that make reselling as easy as possible.

Flexible Schedule

A fear many entrepreneurs have about starting a new business is how much of a time-sink it can be.

New businesses have a lot more to do than a business already established in the industry.

Those that want a flexible, or even part-time, schedule will assume that a new franchise is not for them.

But the truth is many VoIP resellers work only part-time, even from day one.

A reseller program can help keep your hours down with things like automated billing and time-saving portals.

Another reason VoIP is a great career for those that want the freedom of a flexible schedule is in the way they’re paid.

Every month a customer’s service is active, you get paid at the end of the month.

Every month your customers are going to pay their phone bill.

No matter where you are, that money comes in.

You could be working. Or taking a day off. Or spending two weeks on a beach someplace sunny.

Low Investment

Another hurdle new entrepreneurs must clear is the initial investment.

A large lump sum just to get started is often too big of an obstacle.

But not every business comes with a hefty price tag on it.

With VoIP, you’re selling a network that exists digitally in the cloud that customers connect to over the internet.

All of that is already in place! You’re not buying and selling huge on-premise systems. There is no overhead. So the amount of money you need to start is surprisingly low.

As you can see, there are some strong reasons to consider a career in UCaaS.

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