6 Qualities Every Customer Wants in a VoIP Reseller

Customers seeking VoIP services don’t have to look long before finding a dozen or so options. 

With so many options, customers get to be extremely picky before deciding which business they’ll partner with. 

But, there are the 6 qualities that make customers go crazy (in a good way). If you adopt these qualities into your brand, customers will take notice. 

Customers want:

Someone that Listens

There is a tremendous relief that comes from someone listening to your problem, your needs, your story. 

When customers interact with you, they want your attention. 

This isn’t just for in-person and phone conversation; social media, email, texts, etc., all require that same attentiveness. 

But then Acts

Listening is great, but if it’s not followed by action, it becomes a massive problem for the customer. 

Quick, accurate, decisive actions will leave customers thrilled and coming back for more. 

But when promises and guarantees are left unfulfilled, that’s a customer that’s most likely gone for good. 

Someone that’s Timely:

Customers’ time is one of their most important resources. 

Show customers you respect their time by: 

  • Being on Time – if you say you’re going to be somewhere at a certain time, be there. If you’re going to call before a time, make sure you do it. 
  • Showing real Urgency – when there is an urgent need, respond with urgency. When a customer is facing a big problem, and you’re able to temper it or remove it, they will be in love with your brand. 
  • Doing your Job – whenever you’re interacting with a customer, you’re doing it in a prompt, professional manner. The key thing here is that you get the work done. 

When customers know you care about their time, and you act like it, they’re going to have a lot more positive experiences with you; that is the sort of thing that turns a customer into a life-long customer.

Someone that’s Consistent:

Consistency is one of the things that most customers only realize they need once it’s gone. 

But once it is gone, they sorely need that consistency back. 

Customers want to know what to expect from you and then get it every single month. 

Something new isn’t always something welcome in business – in fact, new things take a problematic shape more often than a helpful one. 

So, when your business provides a stable, consistent service, customers will rush to have you as their VoIP business partner of choice.

Someone that’s Knowledgeable:

Customers are coming to you for your expertise. 

Customers don’t just expect you to know your side of the business – your service and products – but also their side; how the customer can best use those services and products. 

Once you prove yourself as a knowledgeable resource, they’re much more likely to listen when you come to them with products and services you think they could use. 

This can give your business a huge boon as upsell opportunities are going to be much more successful (because they know you know your stuff)

When problems do occur, customers are going to be much more likely to listen to your proposed solution (because they know you know your stuff)

AND whenever someone in their network (or even personal life) is having VoIP problems, they’re going to rush to recommend you. 

Someone that’s Real: 

Your customers are doing more than just buying your goods and services; they’re opting to partner with you. 

Customers will be so much more likely to buy from you if they see you as a real, dynamic person. 

Once that bond is formed, problems take a different turn. 

Instead of a problem making the customer feel like it’s Them versus You; they’re going to see that it’s You and Them versus the Problem. 

And when a customer feels that bond, you have a customer for life, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. 

VoIP customers have their hands full with options and choices. By having these 5 qualities, you’re giving those very same customers compelling reasons to put down all those other options and choose to do business with you. 

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