Find Untapped markets by Developing Your Niche

Every VoIP reseller wants to discover a hot market, hungry for the products and services the reseller put together.

The best way for a reseller to find potential hot markets AND develop a brand that the market is attracted to is by deciding on your niche.

When a VoIP business has a hyper-targeted focus on a specific but small market, they’re able to create a name for themselves as THE go-to VoIP reseller to particular companies.

And we’ll show you how to do it.

UCaaS Technologies

First, a VoIP reseller needs to research and understand UCaaS Technologies and how businesses use them to communicate with customers.

You don’t need to learn every single aspect of UCaaS to be a successful reseller, but you’re going to need to position yourself as an expert. Customers will have problems and opportunities, and your expertise is their path to finding a solution.

Even if you have ZERO experience in the industry, you can still become an expert!

Local Market

Another thing to research (I know, you have a lot of homework on your plate!) is your local market.

Your local market, as long as you’re not located in a completely rural area, will be a great place to start your niche-defining work.

For example, (an example we’re going to be continuing to use throughout this article) let’s say your local area has a multitude of small, privately owned restaurants.

If you were to set up your business, from the ground up, to provide products, services, and resources dedicated to helping small restaurants get the most out of VoIP, you’d develop incredible clout with these places as they will see you as the best company for them.

Other VoIP resellers in your area won’t be as focused as you are in serving restaurants and will only have some vague content to try and entice the restaurant owners.

Restaurant owners aren’t going to be motivated by these resellers.
But when they look at your brand, they’ll think you created it specifically for them. Because you did.

The chances of you landing customers goes up considerably when you’re marketing to them specifically.

What if you know NOTHING about your local area?

There are a lot of blog posts and articles that tell you how vital finding your local market is as a VoIP reseller, but we want to show you some steps you can use so you can actually do that!

So, let’s say you’re completely new to the area.

First, check out the industries that thrive with VoIP, as those customers either already use VoIP or really want to. (Business that Thrive with VolP)Add in the types of industries you, yourself, have experience with or a desire to get to know better.

Once you have your list of businesses, it’s time to map out your next move.

Head over to Google and perform this search:


So if you’re looking for restaurants in Buffalo, New York, you’d search for:

Restaurants near Buffalo, New York

In this example, because there are a lot of matches, you’ll get a bunch of little red flags with the businesses that fit the description.

If you get very few matches, it may not be a feasible option for you.

As you go through your list, write down how many matches there are for each group, so you have a running tally of which types of businesses are in your area and which are not.

If you want to take things even further, you can!

Considering you already did your VoIP research at this stage (…right?), you can also add specific benefits, features, services, or products you think match each of these industries on your list.

It’s not unlikely you’ll realize that a few popular industries in your area need basically the same thing in a phone system.

If you’re able to find that perfect middle ground, you might just find yourself targeting 2 or 3 specific industries with all the exact same services, products, and marketing.

Business is Business

Now that you have a handful of industries and features, it’s time to start thinking about how best to serve these businesses.

Focus on SERVING first.

When you can deliver actual value to your niche market, you’ll be able to refine your marketing much better.

The most critical concern your potential customers have is their bottom line.

Money, money, money.

But if your marketing is just “this saves you money,” you’re not going to stand out.

What you need to do to motivate these businesses is connect how the unique products and services you (will) offer ends up saving them money.

Let’s continue our restaurant example.

Instead of saying, “buying VoIP from me will save you money,” you’d want to say something like, “Did you know that adding text messages to your ordering system will…

Give customers a great service experience as they can see a menu, order, and even track their order just from their text
Automate time-costly tasks, so your employees can focus on what they do best
Add tons of sequence-based messaging that increase reorders and customer loyalty”

All of these features seem much more appetizing (get it?!) to owners when they can see the benefit of the benefit.

But what if you have no experience or can’t find information about what features and benefits your unique market wants?

Easy, just ask them!

Find a few businesses in your industry that you think could be a perfect customer.

Reach out to the owner and ask to speak with them for twenty minutes.

Just listen to them about their business.

Ask them specific questions about not just what they’re doing currently but what they want to try.

If you have a few ideas about how VoIP might help these businesses, describe it and ask them what they think.

Keep an ongoing document or spreadsheet of these interviews. The information will be valuable again and again.

Take what you have learned from other owners to refine your questions. Likely, some benefits you thought these businesses could use aren’t as beneficial as you hoped.

But, even better, you might just discover a few new ways these businesses could use VoIP.

As you collect a few interviews, you’ll have something special forming.

You’ll have an incredibly well-researched niche market!

This research will be your guide to choosing which products and services you want to offer and will help you market your business, as you know exactly which benefits motivate your niche market.

Then it happens! You have a one-of-a-kind product for a one-of-a-kind market.

Developing a niche to stand out in the market AND help define your business is a two-for-one win for VoIP resellers.

But it can get even easier! With HugeUC’s Telecom Business in a Box, we’ll help you do things like developing your niche and a whole lot more, setting you upon the path to success from day one.

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