Finding your niche as reseller

Finding Your Niche as a VoIP Reseller
Are you a local community specialist?

Discovering your niche as a VoIP reseller is key for finding long-term success.

But you aren’t the only one that benefits. With a fully developed niche, the customers who need the goods and services you provide will have an easier time finding you.

A niche helps a reseller do three things:

Zoom in on a specific market
Become the best brand possible for that market
Stand out from the crowd

What is a VoIP Local Community Specialist?

A local community specialist is someone that dedicates themselves to serving their local community and brings them together for the benefit of all.

For some, this might be a charitable act.

But as a VoIP reseller, you get to make a living while making a difference.

Local Community Specialist

One niche idea is to become a specialist in your local community.

Every local community is unique.

No other place will have the same array of businesses working in the same area.

But that makes it an opportunity!

Because your local community is unique, when you do align your niche to it, you’ll stand out from the crowd!

Why VoIP?

When you become a VoIP reseller, you have a unique opportunity to bring some good to your local community while you do business.

Local businesses are integral to the community, providing the goods and services the community buys while employing a part of the community.

Those locals then spend that money in their local community, recirculating the money back into the community.

Healthy, local businesses make for healthy communities.

VoIP provides resellers with the network, phones, and services that help local businesses improve how efficiently they work while saving loads on their monthly bill.

Becoming a Specialist

To become a local community specialist, you need to have a solid understanding of UCaaS technology AND the unique needs of your market.

Does that sound like a lot? We got you covered. This post breaks down how resellers can become experts both of UCaaS and their market. (HYPERLINK to Niche Post)

You don’t need to learn everything about those topics, but your prospective customers want someone that’s an expert.

Luckily, it doesn’t take too long to understand VoIP well enough to be the expert they need.

That Extra Mile

If you really want to invest in your local community, you need to go the extra mile.

As time goes by, more local businesses will learn that you are the local expert for business communications.

And your network of local businesses will grow and grow.

With your expertise in one hand and your network of local contacts in the other, you can start to do some really cool stuff around your community.

The more connected local businesses are to each other, the stronger the community becomes.

As a community leader, you have everything you need to make this happen.


Well, get creative.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

Hold a Job Fair – Most big corporations have an unfair edge at most job fairs, but you could remedy that by holding your own fair only for the businesses and people in your community.

Farmer’s Market – Holding a farmer’s market is a great way to get people from different industries to interact AND provides local businesses with an opportunity to make some serious money.

Recommend Other Businesses – As you grow your network, more people will see you as an expert. Customers are going to come to you often looking for advice or guidance. Because you have such a big network, you can give them the information they need, further proving yourself as a valuable resource.

Grow Your Online Community – Don’t forget to grow your online community along with your local community. Even if you’re just working with local businesses, a lot of that business is done online.

Local businesses are at the core of local communities.

The more you invest in these businesses, the more everyone benefits.

As a VoIP reseller, you have the opportunity to make a huge, positive impact on the businesses and people in your local community while making a living.

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