How VoIP Resellers Choose Their Provider

Whenever an eager entrepreneur decides to start their own 

They have to consider what they will sell and to whom AND how to choose the right VoIP provider.

That’s a lot to consider! But, in telecommunications, having the right VoIP partner on your side is the most critical aspect of the business.

Here are 5 tips for finding the right VoIP provider.

telecommunications business, they have a lot to consider.

Do Market Research

Every provider is going to offer a unique opportunity to you.

A unique network.

Unique services.

Unique products.

It’s less about finding the best “value;” and more about finding the right match.

You need a provider that matches YOU, but you also need a provider that will supply the network, services, and products that match your market.

And you can’t know what’s a match until you do some market research.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done that before; we have a post that covers it here (hyperlink to Untapped Market Post).

Check for a Secure and Reliable Network

A secure and reliable network is a MUST for all resellers.

If you’re selling a network that isn’t secure nor reliable… well, you probably won’t be selling too much.

VoIP, on its own, has no security – it is information over the very public internet. However, good providers are committed to closely monitoring their network against potential fraud and data hackers.

Compare Pricing and Plans

You’re only going to be able to sell the plans and products your VoIP provider has to offer.

If your customers aren’t interested in those plans and products, you won’t succeed.

Worry less about price, more about quality and matching your customer’s needs to the services offered..

Good VoIP services usually cost more than the less reliable ones. It takes a commitment of time, resources, and development for a VoIP provider to develop better, faster, more secure networks.

So those tend to cost more.

The price isn’t a hard sell. It’s the quality and the features..

If you find a plan to offer your customer that’s a little more expensive but has everything they could ever want, and more, you’ll have no problem getting the customer on board.

The good news is that some of your customers won’t even have VoIP, so they’re unlikely to care that your plan isn’t the cheapest VoIP option because they’re still saving bundles compared to their expensive landline-based system.

Look for a Dedicated Reseller Program

Every VoIP provider will have its own reseller program, offering different payments, pay schedules, and other compensations.

You must find a program that fits you and your market.

Each program will have its own onboarding process, portals, and features.

It’s up to you to decide what you need and what you don’t and then find the best program that matches that.

As a business owner, consider what you believe your biggest weaknesses to be. Can you find a provider that offers a solution?

Support is Key

This goes hand and hand with having a dedicated program, usually.

When a provider has a staff of experienced professionals offering support, you have more than a provider; you have a partner.

Support consists of helping you offer excellent customer service and products to your customers, but it should also include helping you be the best business owner possible.

When a VoIP provider has training and resources that help with things like marketing, billing, and growth, you know you have a provider that understands when you’re successful, they’re successful.

Finding the right VoIP provider can make all the difference as a reseller.

Of course, every provider is different, but when you clearly know what you need – and what you want – you’ll know when you find the provider you’re looking for.

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