5 Examples of Businesses That Thrive with VoIP

UCaaS technologies, like VoIP, are flexible enough that you’ll find VERY different industries using very similar VoIP phone systems.

But, a few industries get the absolute most out of VoIP, and knowing those industries and why that is, can be pretty important for VoIP resellers, as you can imagine.

So, let’s look at 5 businesses that thrive with VoIP.

Customer Service

VoIP thrives in the customer service industry.

When a customer calls a business they expect a few things.

They expect clear audio, they expect minimal wait times, and they expect a solution to their problem.

VoIP technology helps companies meet those expectations and more.

VoIP has HD quality audio so customers can hear and be heard.

Number extensions, direct transfers, and call directory all reduce the wait time for customers (plus most of it’s automated!).

VoIP provides a bevy of ways for companies to find the right solution faster than ever before.

For example, access to voicemails via email can let managers and CEOs screen calls or receive updates while in a meeting without disturbing it.


With VoIP, businesses have a flexible, customizable phone system at their disposal that can be used to provide their clients with an unforgettable customer experience.

In the hospitality industry, that’s what customers expect. Something great.

VoIP allows businesses to make sure they get the little things right (like the perfect on-hold music) to the huge things right like reliable, HD audio and fully customizable call routing.

Plus, with VoIP, businesses can further define and refine their business’s personality, which is always important but even more so in hospitality.


The eCommerce industry moves incredibly fast. And if a business wants to keep up, they need VoIP.

While it can be annoying playing phone tag in everyday life, it can be incredibly costly to do so in eCommerce.

With VoIP, eCommerce businesses can be unique in the ways they can save money.

Call recording is vital for verifying claims and improving customer service performance.

Texts, chat and mobile apps lets team members stay connected to the business with complete access to the entire phone system network.

Both customer satisfaction and sales go up when employees can access customer data in real-time, even when they’re already on the phone with the customer.

Financial Institutions

Money experts know the importance of every dollar.

With VoIP, they can save in more than one way.

On average, businesses save on their monthly phone bill with VoIP when compared to hardline solutions. It’s not too uncommon for businesses to save over 50% on their end of month bill.

Plus, with VoIP, financial institutions can streamline everyday activities, even automating some of them, letting your team of professionals do what they do best.

Travel Agencies

A travel agent’s job is to give their customers the best possible experience.

And while most of that happens when the customer is traveling, it begins the second they dial your number.

Crystal clear audio, fast transfers, and an informative company directory is a great start.

But VoIP offers even more ways for agencies to connect with their customers.

For example:

A travel agent is talking with a customer on the phone. The customer requests more information be emailed to him and, while talking, the agent sends them the email.

The customer is interested in a certain trip but requests more information via email. As the agent is talking to the customer on the phone, they get that email.

Then the agent mentions an app that’s great for travel and the customer asks for the link. The agent is able to send it to the customer via text.

In a short time, the agent changed the way they were communicating with the customer without any decrease in the service they were offering.

These 5 businesses are great examples of how VoIP, when used right, can be the most effective tool a business has to truly connect with customers, save money, and increase efficiency.

There are more businesses that work great with VoIP.

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