Why VoIP

In the modern business world, every business office requires a streamlined, cohesive communication network to stay competitive.

The rise of Voice-over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) has given companies, both small and large, incredible ways to connect remote offices and employees together while providing customers with the sort of excellent customer service and attention they expect.

Security and Redundancy

With the increase in the importance of business communication and the available technology, it makes sense that the importance of security also goes up.

With HugeUC, offices get an extremely flexible, thorough level of security that protects their network and employees against potential threats like fraud and hackers.

Also, HugeUC’s highly redundant network of highly secure Data Centers means offices won’t have to worry about disconnects, dropped calls, or poor call quality.

Connecting with Remote Employees

A landline phone system would mean remote workers outside of offices won’t be able to reach any of the on-site communications networks.

And with the massive increase of employees working from home, this can be a death sentence for offices.

HugeUC’s state of the art network gives offices the ability to effortlessly connect all their remote workers together, just like they were in the office.

With access to the easy to use interface across their computer, laptop, and smartphone, remote workers will be just as productive and efficient as everyone else on the team.

Video, SMS, and More

By interconnecting email, phone calls, and texts into one streamlined communication channel, offices can interact with customers and each other like never before. Fast. Clear. Safe.

Voicemails sent as emails ensure that the appropriate party sees essential information and customer concerns as quickly as possible.

Texts, or SMS, give offices many ways to offer fantastic customer service and up-to-minute updates to the customers who need them.

And with features like auto attendance and company directory, customers can quickly navigate to the party or extension they need without needing a receptionist or actual employee time.

These are just a few of the features that make HugeUC’s network vital for modern business communications.

Becoming a HugeUC Affiliate

HugeUC’s dedicated staff and top-of-the-line network are highly sought after by offices and businesses across all industries.

This alone can make becoming a HugeUC Affiliate an attractive option.

But HugeUC doesn’t stop there.

Their Training from the Pros is jam-packed with support, scripts, webinars, videos, and more that is everything you need to sell HugeUC and sell it well – even if you’ve never dealt with telecommunications before!

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